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Back to school

Tue, 2017-01-17

This is the time of year when we face the chaos of kitting our group of Nyamirambo children out to go back to school at the start of a new year. The process is not as chaotic as in previous years. Because most of our children are in secondary school, the equipment is provided by the school. All we have to do is pay for it. We have seen the time when we have scoured the market with half a class of children in tow.

Catching up fast

Sat, 2017-01-14

Those of us who remember beep-beep modems and bulletin boards will appreciate how long it has taken to get from there to fast broadband and Facebook. We thought it all happened too quickly.

Embrace Rwanda

Sat, 2017-01-14

The women of Loanhead Parish Church have continued to knit jumpers and hats for some of the poorest babies of Rwanda. On Saturday pastor Francis of the Anglican church met us at Scripture Union to collect the knitting on behalf of Embrace Rwanda, the Canadian charity with which the church partners.


Thu, 2017-01-12

Last year we expanded our porridge project in Rutonde into a neighbouring parish called Bibungo. Although the porridge was a benefit to the community, Jean d'Amour, the pastor who manages the project, decided that the need in another parish called Rimwe was greater.


Mon, 2017-01-09

The weather forecasts at home are for 90mph winds, lots of snow and temperatures below zero. So from where we are sitting in the Land of a Thousand hills, endless sunshine and temperatures in the high twenties, we are thinking ourselves lucky.

Marie-Therese Millindi

Sat, 2016-07-16

Today was meant to be different, but that is Africa. This being Saturday we had arranged to go to the outskirts of the city with Marie-Therese Millindi to visit her Saturday Church and to hear how our sponsored children and cow are fairing.