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Saturday Church

The bus has let me out at a familiar stop. I had been told to take the coach for Rwamagana in the east but to get out at 'Cumi magatanu' which was out past the city limits. In fact, it isn't that far out and we know it well as the place where we first arrived in Kigali with our Land Rover Discovery.


We are on the move again. For two days we have taken a coach excursion into the deep south of Rwanda to Butare. This is partly sightseeing and partly business to visit Tharcisse Gatwa, one of the Mission Rwanda trustees.


Yesterday I met Jessica. A few months ago, this little girl lived in a small house which had been a toilet. Living conditions were basic to say the least.

Call Me Limited

I am staying at the Scripture Union Guest House in the up-market diplomatic district of Kigali. It is Sunday, and as ever, all is peaceful. Little has changed since we first came to know this place.

More banana beer and a protest

Today is an exploration day. We are looking for opportunities to expand our Rutonde porridge project and have headed out of Rwamagana into the hills.