Marie-Therese Milindi is the Children's Director at Scripture Union in Kigali. A woman with a huge heart for others, it is no secret that she gets her strength from the Lord.

Multiplying goats

On Monday we visited Eglise Vivant at Kibungo, an hour's bus ride east of Rwamagana and not far from the Tanzanian border.

Meg Foundation School

It was good to catch up with old friends at Meg Foundation School last week and meet the four classes of nursery children.

Soap and rabbits at Rutonde

We visited Rutonde yesterday and got really good vibes from this community. First we had a short bus ride to Nyabugogo where we met Pastor Jean d'Amour.

The Rwamagana project

Waking with the sun, I lay in bed until the hot water was delivered in jerry cans. Although the rooms at the Scripture Union guest house, where are staying have showers, they are only plumbed for cold water.