Gifts from Rutonde

It has been another hot day and I am walking home from Nyabugogo with a basket of beans on my back and a cardboard box in my arms. Inside the box is a live chicken complete with claws, beak and feathers.

The changing face of Kigali

Kigali must be one of the fastest changing cities in Africa, if not the world. Even in the six months since our last visit, new developments can be seen wherever one looks. What is evident is that, whatever Kigali is developing into, it isn't an African city.

Rwamagana widows

We have moved eastwards to Rwamagana, an hour's bus ride form Kigali.

Mud houses and goats at Kibungo

The day was always going to be strenuous. Just getting across Kigali to Nyabugogo for the bus to Kibungo meant an hour's walk, albeit in the cool early morning. Once at Kibungo, getting around the hillsides of the area around Pastor Joseph's church is hard work, even without the daytime heat of the Rwandan sun.

Drums, heat and smiles

We are in for a long hot day today. The rain of last week seems to have gone and the heat is more like a real Rwandan dry season. Pastor Immaculee and I meet at Nyabugogo bus station to take a taxi out to Rutonde, where we have our goats and porridge project.